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"Any hour is your hour."                         since 2004

until November 1st 

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  1. Managing Director
    WORKOUT SECTION Circuit training, free weights, punching bag, You set your pace, you set your goals. We are here to help you make it.
  2. 24 Hr Gym cardio, south surrey,
    CARDIOVASCULAR SECTION We offer upright bikes, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, PRECOR Adaptive Motion Trainer, row machine, treadmills, spin bike and espresso bikes for your enjoyment to play and have fun.
  3. Managing Director
    FREE WEIGHT AREA From 5lbs to 100lbs of build yourself a rock hard body and fit physique
  4. Fitness club, south surrey, 24 Hr Gym
    3500 square feet of floor space to find your area
  5. Circuit area, 24 Hr Gym south surrey
    Elite equipment by Matrix. Anatomically designed for the natural body position