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REVERSE your Ailments with PEMF
Specializing in harnessing the wellness that the Schumanns Resonance and the Magnetic Field does for the Human Body by bringing it back to its Homeostasis state.
It is the scientific background and the effects of the increasingly popular complementary medical application of PEMF's where In the last 5 years, much has been accomplished and positively changed specifically in the field of PEMF systems for home use.
PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY (PEMF) Electromagnetism is now becoming the forefront as the missing link in our unhealthy lives. A new avenue of medicine known as functional energy medicine is gaining momentum in the treatment of many diseases.
It looks at diseases as the key energy problems that can only be solved by helping the body as a whole revert to normality, therefore reducing or even removing the uncommunicative cells that are at the core of the problem.

Benefits of PEMF  the pulse of Mother Earth to help:
Support immune system
REDUCE your pain and inflammation
RECOVER faster from injuries
Defend yourself from Disease and Disorders
​Counter Harmful Unnatural Electro-Frequensies
IMPROVE Hundreds of Conditions and Dysfunctions
Promote Relaxation and DEEP SLEEPS
OPTIMIZE Healthy Nerve, Bone and Soft Tissue Cells
ENHANCE Your Body's Ability to Heal itself
​SAFE AND NATURAL Alternative to Pills

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Become optimized daily and defend yourself against Disease and Ailments
You can purchase your PEMF package from as low as $3899
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  1. iMRS
    Low pulse magnetic field. Optimizes our cells in as little as 8 minutes. HEALTH CANADA APPROVED, FDA Registered, Certified Type II Medical Device to Promote Circulation, Reduce Pain and Inflammation and aid in the bodies ability to Reverse ailments and rebuild tissue. This Month Special: Order an iMRS Complete/iMRS Complete Set will be automatically upgraded to an iMRS Professional/iMRS Professional Set at NO additional cost! $425.00 CAD Savings for a 12 months warranty extension!
  2. Omnium 1
    Same benefits as iMRS but now portable and in a tablet form. Smaller portable mat gives you the ability to go anywhere. Even on planes, trains and automobiles. Very affordable, very efficient This Month Special: Every order of an iMRSone Complete Set will be automatically upgraded to an iMRSone Complete Combo (incl. OmniBrain) at NO additional cost! On top of this SBS will also absorb the costs in the amount of $449.00 CAD savings for a 12 months warranty extension!